Radio City Music Hall Seating Chart

radio city music hall seating chart

The seating at Radio City Music Hall is on three levels, and usually holds 5,960 concert-goers. The Pit is surrounded by the main Orchestra Level, which is the theater’s biggest seating area. Behind that, three tiers rise up to form the Mezzanine Level, where you get an elevated view of the show.

Throughout the theater, you’ll find seats with lower numbers in each section on the right, and higher numbers on the left. Each section is numbered alphabetically, with the Pit area being AAA, the Orchestra AA and the rear of the Orchestra A. Each Mezzanine level is numbered from A again.


The Pit Level is directly in front of the Great Stage. If the pit elevator isn’t in use, extra seats can also be situated there, increasing the theater’s total capacity to 6,013.There are four rows numbered AAA to DDD. These will give you an up close and personal look at the performers, but not so much perspective on the whole width of the stage.


The Radio City Music Hall Orchestra section has more than 45 rows, numbered in blocks 1 through 7. Tickets are numbered from right to left in each block, going from 101-110 through to 701-710, with more seats in the middle blocks. There are almost as many seats in this section as you’ll find in all the mezzanine sections combined, and each gives you a good view of the stage.


The mezzanines are elevated in three tiers, with the front of the first level overhanging the Orchestra. Each section is numbered from A at the front to L, K or H at the back, with one less row as you go higher. Ticket numbers go in blocks from 101-110, 201-210 and so on up to 701-710. Stage views from here can vary from average to amazing.You’ll get a similar view from the First Mezzanine as in the back rows of the Orchestra, but there are far fewer rows. This is good if you’re not too tall, as you’re much less likely to have your view blocked by those in front.

Accessible Seating

Radio City Music Hall is fully equipped for people with disabilities. You can select Designated Aisle Transfer options, with Wheelchair and Companion Seats. Assistive Listening Devices are also available, and of course there are accessible restrooms. If you’d like more information, reach out to the Accessibility Services Department at Radio City, on 212-465-6115.

Best seats at Radio City Music Hall

The best seats at Radio City Music Hall are in the front and center. If you have no budget constraints, choose the center front Orchestra or First Mezzanine, where you’ll get the best views.

The best value for slimmer wallets are seats in the corner sections and middle rows of the Orchestra and Mezzanine. You should be aware that the view from middle seats in the back rows may be obstructed, so choose your seats carefully.

If you’ve got long legs, you’ll find the seats with the most legroom in the corners. Row A of the Orchestra and the Mezzanine levels also offer space to stretch out.

The Rockettes recommend that you sit up relatively high to get the best view of the precision dance formations. These are best seen from the Second Mezzanine, which gives you an overview of the entire Great Stage. If you want to study the choreography of Rockettes routines, go for the Third Mezzanine. From here, you’ll not only be able to marvel at every move, but will also benefit from Radio City’s immersive projections on the ceiling overhead.