Radio City Music Hall Rules

Radio City Music Hall policies are governed by a few basic rules, but these may change at any time at the discretion of the theater. Please follow these rules, and be kind to your fellow visitors. You should check directly with the theater if you have any questions.

Code of Conduct

Radio City Music Hall has a general code of conduct. The entertainment experience is far more enjoyable for everyone when the performers and the audience are safe and respectful to others around them. This includes doing your best not to block other people’s view, even if artists ask you to stand up.

You mustn’t block the aisles, or stand on seats or on any other part of the theater structure.

You must have a valid ticket for your allocated seat or particular seating area, which you must produce for inspection if requested.

No re-entry into Radio City Music Hall is permitted, so all exits from the theater are final.

The City of New York mandates that no smoking is permitted anywhere in Radio City Music Hall. This includes any kind of tobacco or smoking product, such as e-cigarettes.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed for adults, provided you drink responsibly. However, MSG Entertainment policy requires anyone who wants to purchase alcohol to produce a valid ID, if they appear to be under forty (40) years of age.

You must comply with staff requests regarding operational and emergency procedures in the theater.

You may not sell, peddle, barter or sample any products or merchandise on Radio City Music Hall premises.

You mustn’t attempt to distribute promotional items such as handbills, flyers, or printed materials unless you have the management’s written permission.

You must not cause a disturbance or interfere in any way with the performers or the event. This includes any disrespectful behavior, such as foul/offensive language, obscene gestures, fighting, throwing objects or any other behavior that detracts from the enjoyment of others.

If you see anyone behaving in this manner, please help the management by reporting the incident to a security officer, an usher, or a Radio City guest experience representative.

The staff at Radio City Music Hall are trained to intervene if necessary and to use their best efforts to promote compliance with the Code of Conduct. If you violate these rules you could be ejected from the theater without a refund and even be arrested if you’re breaking the law.


The following items are strictly prohibited from Radio City Music Hall:

This list may vary by event and includes the right of the management to disallow any item it deems inappropriate or offensive.

* Recording devices may not always include cell phones. However, Radio City also designates some events as “device free,” where items such as phones, cameras, smart watches, Fitbits, laptops, tablets or Bluetooth-enabled headphones must be sequestered during the performance.


The following items may be (but not always) permitted at Radio City Music Hall events.

  • laptop computers or tablets when events are not device free. They must fit comfortably in a bag no larger than 22” x 14” x 9”.
  • personal bags that will fit comfortably under your seat. They don’t need to be clear, but must be no larger than 22” x 14” x 9”.
  • empty bottles made from clear, soft-plastic, which you may fill at the water fountains.
  • strollers, provided they’re collapsible and will fit under your seat. Free stroller check is offered at the Christmas Spectacular and some events for family entertainment.
  • service animals are allowed into the theater. You should liaise with the Accessibility Services Department at Radio City Music Hall to confirm seating arrangements, etc.
  • Please note that Radio City Music Hall has no facility to check coats, bags, or any other personal belongings.