Vance Joy: The ‘Dream Your Life Away’ Anniversary Show at Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York



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Vance Joy: The ‘Dream Your Life Away’ Anniversary Show

Radio City Music Hall

Come down to the Radio City Music Hall on 26 September 2024 for great lyrics, better music, and the best performer, Vance Joy, as he brings his Dream Your Life Away Anniversary Show to the epic stage!

If it’s perfection on stage you want, this show is it. Award-winner Vance Joy’s all-round sold-out live performances prove that his extraordinary voice is as good live as it is on studio recordings; audiences simply can’t get enough of his musical prowess. He brings all the feels, expertly plays acoustic guitar and ukulele, and has an incredible ability to preserve the seemingly insignificant, finite moments of life with the most beautiful, relatable songs.

The ‘Dream Your Life Away’ Anniversary show is a show you’ll want to see twice, and a post-show buzz that will have you listening to all his albums on repeat for months to come is guaranteed. Tickets are selling from only $61, and with Vance Joy’s reputation for selling out, you can’t snooze – get your tickets now!

The Australian singer-songwriter, Vance Joy, is a musical magician.

His ability to turn simple melodies into songs that change people has been wowing audiences since he first set foot into the music scene in 2013 with his debut album, “God Loves You When You’re Dancing”. Ever since, Vance Joy has been making the world a bit brighter with hits such as “Riptide”, “From Afar”, “Georgia”, “Fire and the Flood”, and “Lay It On Me”. Vance Joy’s talent for creating great songs is a testament to his incredible skills and musicianship. The proof is in the proverbial accolade-pudding: he received two AIR Awards, four APRA Music Awards, four ARIA Music Awards, an ASCAP Pop Music Award, a Music Victoria Award, and won the International Songwriting Competition with his smash hit, “Riptide”.

There is no doubt: Vance Joy’s tank is full, and the road is stretching straight into the future.

The ‘Dream Your Life Away’ Anniversary Show is not only a celebration of the songs we know and love but also of the process of creating music. Vance Joy is a charmer; he has full command of the stage - even in its most minimalistic form - to the extent that it appeals to young and old alike. The greatest power, however, is in the music itself: the intuitive, authentic, intimate, and strangely familiar songs possess a magical ability to worm themselves into brains; they crawl inside hearts and nestle themselves there.

We are truly lucky to be able to see Vance Joy in concert, together with special guest artists, folk group Tiny Habit, who will be celebrating the release of their debut album, “All For Something”.

Vance Joy is truly staying true to his name: he is bringing the "Joy" to the "showplace of the nation" – the incredible, larger-than-life 6,000-seat Radio City Music Hall, where more than 30 million audience members have enjoyed spectacular performances. Not only is this the world’s largest stage, but it also has three independent floor sections, grand and elegant lounges, a smoking room, public spaces, and a breath-taking foyer. This very stage has also been the host of major events such as the Grammy and Tony Awards.

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