Maisie Peters at Radio City Music Hall

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Radio City Music Hall | New York City, New York

Watch out! The Good Witch is paying a visit as Maisie Peters serves her upcoming new album at The Good Witch's supporting tour, stopping by at Radio City Music Hal on Friday, 11th of August 2023. The acclaimed English singer-songwriter is set to share her new record on June 16th, giving fans a taste with her new singles "Body Better" and "Lost the Breakup". Peters recently shared a new music video for the latter single, shot in Tokyo's vibrant streets as she serves layers and depth of emotions through every lyric. Gearing up for The Good Witch's headlining tour, Peters is set to share her biggest hits, fan favorites, and new lyrical masterpieces live on stage. Her biggest hits include "Psycho" and "Cate's Brother", while her acclaimed crowd-favorites include "John Hughes Movie", "Blonde", and "Not Another Rockstar". As Maisie Peters launches a new era as The Good Witch, make sure to save your spots at the show by booking your tickets now!

Maisie Peters at Radio City Music Hall

Marking June 16th for the release of her highly-anticipated new album, The Good Witch, Maisie Peters is set to make rounds across North America as she launches her newest headlining tour in support of her new record. Giving fans a taste of "The Good Witch" with her new singles "Body Better" and "Lost the Breakup", Peters is dead-set on winning as she takes her new lyrical masterpieces to the live stage on an extensive 27-date trek. Part of the celebration is a special stop at Radio City Music Hall on August 11th.

As days inch nearer to The Good Witch's full release, Peters has been teasing her new tracks and sharing each song's inspiration through symbolic Tarot cards.

"I really liked the idea of doing a song by song explanation before the album came out," Peters shared in an interview with Nylon. "There’s so much that went into writing and making the songs that I really wanted to share with everybody and explain the process of making of this album was cool and special."

"Why's it called The Good Witch?", you might ask. Peters shared that she "felt like there was a lot of words that also felt synonymous with good witch," explaining in an interview with Nylon. "I sort of like the power within the good witch and femininity, danger, it feels sort of threatening. It feels like an interesting way to describe one’s self, especially as a young woman. I like the destruction it suggest and the power it gives."

Teasing tracks of vulnerability, honesty, and life journeys through her new singles "Body Better" and "Lost the Breakup", Peters is definitely set for winning hearts once again with music that hits hard. To be clear, she definitely won the breakup as The Good Witch comes through. Following her acclaimed masterpiece "You Signed Up For This", her new album is set to be her own "twisted version of a breakup album".

"This is my heart and soul, my blood on the page, the collection of stories that I’ve managed to capture in the past year," she shared about The Good Witch. "It goes from light to dark in the flip of a switch and I hope takes you on a journey whereby the end you feel like you’ve gotten lost in someone else’s planet for a bit."

Light and dark, love and loss, layers and depths of emotions can be expected from The Good Witch as it narrates chronicles of her life stories from the past year. Exploring themes of love and hurt, Maisie Peters is set to share this beautiful journey of healing and winning with all of her fans, hoping you could join her planet with The Good Witch.

From writing her first song at age nine, and manifesting her passion through busking, Maisie Peters came a long way to share her honest life stories through music. Her hit singles and fan-favorite tracks include "Place We Were Made", "John Hughes Movie", "Cate's Brother", "Blonde", "Psycho", and "Not Another Rockstar". With new music coming out real soon, you'll definitely have new favorites to add to the 'I hope I hear this live at her concert' list.

Make sure to save your spots at the show as The Good Witch comes to North America. Book those tickets now!

Maisie Peters at Radio City Music Hall

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