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With a new album that marks her most mature and stylish work yet, Madison Beer took new influences and created the music she really wants to put out. Sharing new sides of herself amidst agony and ambition, her retro-inspired record is a testament to her growth and passion as an artist. As the album blesses everyone's ears around the globe, she's taking it live on stage. Madison Beer just announced "The Spinnin Tour", taking her new tracks and crowd-favorite hits on a global trek. The 52-date escapade kicks off in April next year, with a special stop at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday, May 18. Reflecting on moments between noise in her new record, her live shows are definitely bound to leave you speechless with her iconic songs that always strike deep. With new melodic tales to share, Madison Beer unravels her deep-rooted emotions inspired by her memoir "The Half of It". Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Madison Beer is hitting the road next year, taking her new album "Silence Between Songs" to the stage. Releasing her record full of emotional and striking tales, her new sonic identity inspired by retro influences marks her growth and passion as an artist, fueled by her stories of overcoming dark moments. As the world heals and deeply reflects on her deep lyrical tales, her lush retro strings, and captivating performances await at The Spinnin Tour.

Kicking off in April 2024, Beer will be performing across 52 dates around the globe. The tour is named after the record's opening track and newest single - "Spinnin". In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer shared how the album enabled her to cut noise and embrace peace and quiet in between, hence, the Silence Between Songs.

"Those moments in between the noise is when you’re able to reflect," she told Rolling Stone. "I was able to look at things with a better perspective. That’s where these records came from."

Beer's new album is largely inspired by her quiet reflections amidst agony and taking control of her life. Earlier this year, the singer shared a memoir, The Half of It, speaking about her struggles with depression and dark days in her adolescence. Sharing the connection between "Silence Between Songs" and her memoir, she shares that "there are some serious songs on the album that are about really emotional and personal things to me. My fans who have read the book will go into the album with a clearer vision."

Beer's songs were always personal and striking hard with all the feels, driven by her tales that show her bravery and dedication in turning those emotions into song. Musically, her new album takes influences that feel retro, feeling like a blast from the past. Taking a deep dive into some of her favorite artists including The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Lana del Rey, her new sonic formula definitely hits hard, what might be her most mature and stylish record yet. "I think music that really stands the test of time is what I’ve been drawn to most, and so I wanted to capture the essence of that," she told Vogue.

Overcoming life's dark circumstances, Beer is standing strong, finding peace in the silence between songs, amidst all of the noise. "There were a lot of pivotal moments in the past couple of years, and opening those mental doors that I’d closed, and facing some truths that aren’t so pretty," she shared with Vogue. "And along the way, I’ve listened to a lot of music that has been so honest and raw, and that’s something I appreciate."

As the world heals and finds peace amidst the silence in between life's noise, Madison Beer's "Silence Between Songs" stands as a testament to the power of reflecting and overcoming life's hurdles. Don't miss out on her captivating performances at "The Spinnin Tour" by booking your tickets now!

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