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Talk about it somewhere only we know? English alt-rockers Keane just announced the reissue of their globally acclaimed album "Hopes and Fears" in celebration of its 20th anniversary. Moreover, the band is kicking off a Hopes and Fears World Tour, celebrating two decades of tears the iconic album brought to the world. It's all coming back, and they're set to bring the album and its iconic hits to the stage at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, September 24. If you think Keane's thrown in huge surprises with a reissue and an anniversary tour, you'll be thrilled to hear an unreleased track dating back to 2003 was just unveiled to the world. They just shared "Love Actually", coinciding with the classic rom-coms' reissue. Selling millions of copies globally, "Hopes and Fears" became a classic mainstay in the alt-rock scene. Heading back to the stage, be part of Keane's milestone by booking your tickets now!

Globally, Keane is most known for its emotional hit single "Somewhere Only We Know". The track is part of the band's debut album "Hopes and Fears", which went on to become the 11th-best-selling album of the 2000s in the UK. 20 years since its debut, the English rock group is hitting the road to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Kicking off this May, they're headlining shows across Europe and North America through September. The tour will celebrate Keane's iconic masterpieces stretching their whole career, from their monumental debut with "Hopes and Fears" through their latest release, 2019's "Cause and Effect".

Moreover, Keane is releasing a remastered reissue of Hopes and Fear, coming out on May 10th, exactly 20 years since its debut release. In honor of the album, they're bringing fans a show that's bound to send everyone into tears. Having sold millions of copies globally, it's been awarded 9x platinum in the U.K.

The album's worldwide acclaim was driven by the success of the single "Somewhere Only We Know", which continues to find itself reaching new generations of listeners. It's even making rounds on TikTok these days! Streamed over a billion times, it even became Island Records' top-selling single in the past 12 months.

"I remember standing by that amazing old mixing desk at Heliocentric Studios where we made Hopes and Fears, listening to an early mix of Somewhere Only We Know," Tom Chaplin shared in a statement. "I had this feeling that we’d come up with something that had an extra bit of magic. Making music is so often a process full of doubt…but on this occasion there was something undeniable about what we’d created. Clearly a lot of people felt the same when the album came out!"

Indeed, Hopes and Fears had something surreal about it. From little pubs to arenas, Keane found itself reaching waves of new listeners, coming together all through the power of music. Little did they know, their creation would become one of the world's best-selling albums to exist.

"When I think about these songs, I still picture us playing them in little rooms in pubs around the U.K.," Tim Rice-Oxley added. "I remember how exciting it was watching the crowds start to grow. Those songs opened the door to another dimension for us; everything that has happened in our lives since then was born out of that moment. It’s an incredible privilege for us that people are still listening after all this time."

Their legacy lives on. "I still feel very connected to the songs," Chaplin said, via NME. Crowds continue to roar and sing back every word, signifying how the record surely made a mark in people's lives.

Celebrating 20 years of "Hopes and Fears", make sure to save your spots for a rockin' time by booking your tickets now.

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