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The vibe just got crazier as Jacob Collier unravels the soul-tastic music to the Big Apple with his Djesse World Tour on Friday, April 26, 2024, at Radio City Music Hall, New York. As part of his 31-date world tour, the English singer-songwriter will put the Big A to a musical craze as he performs with mixed pop deity Kimbra, bringing a fantastic musical experience you've never witnessed before. Jacob Collier is known for his hit songs Time Alone, All I Need, and He won't Hold You featuring Rapsody, which bagged him his Grammy award for Best Arrangement, Instruments, and Vocals, making his way to the greats of the industry. Now, releasing his recent album Little Blue, Jacob Collier will bring the pop and funky vibe to New York's side with his promising tunes. You won't need Time alone as Jacob Collier brings you a music companion for a Collier-terrific night of fun. Grab your tickets now!

Jacob Collier is back and will never hold back as he visits New York City to bring a jazzy vibe with his Djesse World Tour on Friday, April 26, 2024, at Radio City Music Hall. Bringing with him the Grammy award-winning star Kimbra, a night of chimes and ecstatic jives will linger on the venue's heights as Jacob Collier blesses the fans with his godly music.

The English singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier garnered his fame with his unique sound composed of a mix of jazz, funk, electronic music, and soul that captured the feelings of every fan, whether it's the oldies or the young heads. Winning four Grammys in his first four albums, Jacob Collier is the first British artist to ever do that streak, earning his name as one of the promising artists of this generation.

Started in 2011, with his elegance and vibrant disposition followed by his unmatched musicality, Jacob Collier outclassed the industry and is now ready to serve a night of full jazz fantasy as he weaves the melodies and rhythms perfect for the ears of the New York fans. Releasing his newest album, Little Blues, the 37-track album will also be featured on the show, providing a fresh scent of musical endowment courtesy of Jacob Collier's vibrant music.

“I naively felt the end of four volumes of Djesse. I'm still learning, and you just have to throw the paint to know enough and learn enough for my artistic career”, Jacob Collier said on the making of the Djesse vol. 4 that comprises this world tour.

Kimbra will support the Jacob Collier madness in New York City. Known for his funky style of music, the mixed pop deity will add a different blend to the musical feast with his electrifying music. Featured in the 2013 Grammy award-winning hit Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye, Kimbra is on the pace of getting hype as she shares the stage with Jacob Collier for a mixed-pop-jazz blast.

The Radio City Musical Hall will host the Djesse World Tour by Jacob Collier featuring Kimbra. The largest indoor theater in the world, equipped with the best of the best technology and facilities and state-of-the-art production proven and tested by the time, is a perfect fit for the musical guru about to splash the jazzy and groovy vibes to the fans. Grab your tickets now!

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