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Radio City Music Hall | New York, New York

Gloria Trevi

Welcome the "Mexican Madonna" with all your love and applause as Gloria Trevi makes her mark at the Radio City Music Hall on Friday, March 15, with an opening act from MAR Solís! Since her official debut in the '80s, Gloria has been redefining how a popstar moves, looks, and sounds—never one to shy away from the daunting and the daring. She made quite a first impression with her solo debut album "¿Qué Hago Aquí?" which featured the irresistibly catchy "Dr. Psiquiatra." Her second album, "Tu Ángel de la Guarda," showcased "Pelo Suelto," with other classics succeeding across the decades like "Me Siento Tan Sola" and "Todos Me Miran." Her two latest albums will feature revivals of some of these hits, inspiring the advent of her upcoming "Mi Soundtrack World Tour." The series will travel the US with thirty-two concerts set, including this stop at the Radio City Music Hall—an NYC indoor venue offering first-class acoustics and atmosphere. Hit the button above to reserve your seats now!

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of music and spectacle because the "Madonna of Mexico" is whipping up her latest series of concerts just for you! Gloria Trevi's "Mi Soundtrack World Tour" will be picking up on the momentum of "Isla Divina" last year. From January to September, the tour's US stint will perform across thirty-two dates, including a Friday night show on March 15 at the Radio City Music Hall. The series will also showcase tracks from Trevi's newest album releases, which feature re-recorded versions of her ageless classics. See below for their complete track listings.

Que Se Acabe El Mundo
Les Diré, Les Diremos (Versión 2023)
Poder y Fama (Versión 2023)
Cosas De La Vida (Versión 2023)
Te Diré Que Sí (Versión 2023)
No Tengo Ropa (Versión 2023)
¿Qué Voy A Hacer Sin Él? (Versión 2023)
Contononeia (Versión 2023)
Con Los Ojos Cerrados (Versión 2023)
Dr. Psiquiatra (Versión 2023)
Me Estoy Rompiendo En Pedazos (Versión 2023)

Como Si Fuera La Primera Vez (Versión 2023)
Siempre Yo (Versión 2023)
Jack El Reprobador (Versión 2023)
¿Qué Hago Aquí? (Versión 2023)
El Huevo
Soñando (Versión 2023)
Bésame Aquí (Versión 2023)
El Juicio (Versión 2023)
No Hay Almohada
Me Siento Tan Sola (Versión 2023)
Mañana (Versión 2023)

"She is, without a doubt, Gloria Trevi. An artist in constant timeless evolution, and I want to share it with the audience that has always followed and supported me unconditionally, and with their eyes closed throughout the years," our main act said in a recent statement.

Gloria Trevi, the reigning Latin pop queen of the '80s and '90s, brought forth a new brand of superstar with her unabashed fashion, flair, and lyricism. Her first solo album, "¿Qué Hago Aquí?," gave her a running start through the Mexican chart-topper "Dr. Psiquiatra." She then followed up with the iconic "Tu Ángel de la Guarda" album, which featured the classic title track, "Ya no," and "Pelo Suelto" hits. In succeeding decades, Gloria would continually drop platinum-certified collections left and right, including Latin Billboard first-placers "Gloria," "El Amor," and "Versus."

As for the concert's special guest, we have singer-songwriter MAR Solís, daughter of Latin music legend Marco Antonio Solís and best known for breakout hits such as "Calavera," "Quédate," and "Taking Back Your Heart."

Unmatched in its elegance, the Radio City Music Hall in New York City will offer its stage to the Mexican songstress this coming Friday, March 15. Aptly dubbed "The Showplace of the Nation," this indoor entertainment venue can host approximately 6,000 guests, presenting each one with breathtaking sightlines and generous legroom. The acoustics are phenomenal, as is the ambiance, making it one of the few ideal places to host Gloria Trevi's larger-than-life presence. Tickets are limited - book your reservations today!

Gloria Trevi at Radio City Music Hall

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