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Get in and go off at the Radio City Music Hall because the Girl in Red is claiming New York City for herself on Wednesday, April 24th, with guest duo Momma backing her up! The three-time Norwegian GRAMMY Award winner is eager to headline her second studio album, I’m Doing It Again Baby!, starting this mid-spring, with seventeen city stops scheduled so far. Breaking into the mainstream through her viral 2017 hit “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,” Marie Ulven Ringheim (Girl in Red) made a career out of evocatively candid bedroom pop melodies. Listen to the acoustically distilled sound that captured the experience of young women everywhere through Gold-certified songs, such as “Girls,” “Bad Idea!,” and “Serotonin.” On top of that, the upcoming concert’s setlist will feature explosively introspective tracks like “Too Much” and “A Night To Remember” from her new album, which you’ll have the pleasure of hearing LIVE this April. Buy your Girl in Red tickets today!

Hot off the heels supporting Taylor Swift’s historic “The Eras” Tour, pop-rock rising star Girl in Red will set out on her very own North American tour to headline her upcoming sophomore album. Kicking off this spring in Boston, the concert series will land sixteen additional shows in major cities coast-to-coast, including an NYC visit on April 24 LIVE at the Radio City Music Hall with special guest Momma.

“It’s one thing to put on a good performance, if your vocals are good and your band is tight, you can’t go wrong. It’s another task to generate the amount of energy that Ulven did that night and likely did many nights before. Her performance left everyone stunned.”

Bear witness to Marie Ulven Ringheim — a three-time Norwegian GRAMMY Award winner — as she dons her singer-songwriter persona of the Girl in Red! Our featured artist first pierced the public consciousness with the viral spread of “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend” and “We Fell in Love in October," followed strongly by her critically acclaimed If I Could Make It Go Quiet debut album. This weekday night jam fest will flush the concert hall full of the matured bedroom pop melodies that Ringheim has been meticulously polishing in I’m Doing It Again, Baby! — her new project under Columbia Records. With dreamy, introspective hits like “Too Much” and “A Night To Remember” defining her set, Girl in Red aims to speak in candid confessions that made “Girls,” “Bad Idea!,” and “Serotonin” Gold-certified fan-favorites.

I’m Back
Too Much
Phantom Pain
You Need Me Now?
A Night To Remember
Pick Me
Ugly Side
New Love
***** (Stars)

Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, renowned across the indie scene as the rock duo Momma, will open the night by way of their moody, heavy riffed tunes of rumination. After the critical success of their 2022 concept album, Household Name, our guest performers have swept seas of listeners off their feet with the crescendoing grunge of hit singles, such as “Rip Off,” “Rockstar,” and “Medicine." You’re next.

Girl in Red will be the woman of the night this Wednesday, April 24, in her tour’s Midtown Manhattan stop at the “Showplace of the Nation” — Radio City Music Hall. Acclaimed for its otherworldly atmosphere, our hosting theater will serve as a breathtaking stage for the performance, with exquisite indoor acoustics to savor and immaculate sightlines to enjoy. Tickets are out and selling fast. Click the link to claim yours NOW!

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