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Dr. Jordan Peterson

Radio City Music Hall

This lecture is about to blow minds! Canadian psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson is introducing a fresh perspective at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, April 9th! The We Who Wrestle with God Tour kicks off this spring and will be en route to the Big Apple, ready to engage intellectuals in a thought-provoking discussion about what’s in store in his forthcoming book of the same title. Recently honored with the George Jonas Freedom Award, the online educator has sold over twelve million copies of his three books, including the best-selling self-help book “12 Rules of Life.” For this night, Manhattan is definitely the place to be as this elegant entertainment hall exudes an inspiring atmosphere and boasts the capacity to accommodate a sizable audience - making it the optimal choice for a stimulating lecture like this one! Spark your curiosity and grab your tickets today before they start selling out!

Dr. Jordan Peterson is going live at Radio City Music Hall this coming Tuesday, April 9th! The controversial psychologist is set to promote his much-awaited book called “We Who Wrestle With God” in this 51-city trek that covers major venues in the US. While the content of his latest book remains undisclosed, the title hints at religious themes and the exploration of humanity, so stay tuned for more information!

Marvel at the wonders of the human mind as Dr. Peterson takes us through an insightful conversation about the complexities of life and faith. In collaboration with Daily Wire Plus, he recently conducted and published a 17-part seminar that delves into the biblical book of Exodus. This serves as a follow-up to his lectures on Genesis, which received both critical acclaim and public recognition.

Those keen on the presentation will be impressed to know that Dr. Peterson has a distinguished track record. Originating from Edmonton, he is an online educator, psychologist, best-selling author, and professor at the prestigious University of Toronto with a podcast that frequently tops the charts in the Education category. So, be prepared to leave with a wealth of insights and a notebook brimming with valuable observations!

During this event, the well-respected media figure is condensing two decades of teaching into a single night of rich and interactive dialogue! For twenty years, he has instructed some of the most esteemed courses at Harvard, concurrently publishing over a hundred scientific papers alongside his students and co-authors. Teaming up with his wife, Tammy, Dr. Peterson's global lecture tours have filled over four hundred venues to capacity, delivering real-time insights into the intricacies of mythology to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

“In the introduction to his new manual on how to live a meaningful life, Jordan Peterson sets the tone by recounting the hellish sequence of health crises that afflicted his family… he reminds us that resentment and the nursing of grievances are a direct road to psychological hell” The Guardian shares about the subject matter of most of his recent presentations.

Read up and march on to the Showplace of the Nation for a wisdom-filled conversation, clarified by the superb acoustics and enhanced by the top-tier stage technology of this historic New York venue! Reserve your tickets now for Dr. Jordan Peterson LIVE at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, April 9th!

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