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Home to the precision dancers The Rockettes and known as the “Showplace of the Nation,” the Radio City Music Hall now houses a variety of performances from comedy to music from the greatest entertainers around the world.

Radio City Music Hall is a New York City icon. For many, this architectural gem of Rockefeller Plaza is considered the showplace of the nation. Here you can attend concerts, stage shows, movies and special events. Share the thrill of the 300 million and more people who’ve visited in the last 90 years. You’ll enjoy an unparalleled experience, in a venue that’s larger than life.

You’ll find yourself in the world’s largest indoor theater, that combines the splendor of Art Deco design with the acoustics of the Hollywood Bowl. Unless it’s a special event, everyone in the theater is seated, with an unobstructed view of the Great Stage. This extraordinary performance area is considered by experts to be the best equipped in the world. Its three independent floor sections use hydraulic elevators to create dynamic sets, while another one can take the entire orchestra up and down.

As you can imagine, this offers performers the opportunity for spectacular staging effects. A turntable within the stage mechanism can also be used for special stage effects and quick scene changes. Sit back and watch the shimmering gold curtain rise on your favorite artists, and marvel at the effects achieved by the four-color stage lighting rig. On this stage, original mechanisms can also produce fog and clouds, torrential rain and fountains of water.

Since 1932, artists and audiences have flocked to admire the art deco styling created by Donald Deskey, who won the design contract. Inside Radio City Music Hall, you’ll find thirty separate spaces, full of coordinating balustrades, railings, furniture, signage, carpets and decorative details. In its grand and elegant lounges, smoking room, public spaces and foyer, Deskey combined areas of gold foil and marble with industrial materials like Permatex, Bakelite, cork and aluminum. The result was – and is – simply stunning.

Some of the 20th-century greats have appeared at Radio City Music Hall, like Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Ella Fitzgerald. The Great Stage has also welcomed popular music stars like Johnny Mathis, Linda Ronstadt, John Denver and The Count Basie Orchestra. Celebrities today who stare at the Radio City Music Hall include athletes, entertainers, media stars and national heroes. Several award shows have been hosted here, including Tonys, Grammys, ESPYs and The MTV Video Music Awards.

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